Merchant K.P. Ruuskanen Foundation’s anniversary grants awarded!

The Merchant K.P. Ruuskanen Foundation has awarded grants to students and teachers in the trade sector for 75 years. To celebrate this respectable milestone, the foundation’s board has awarded anniversary scholarships to seven students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and TREDU in its meeting on 20.11.2023 – each 1500 euros.

According to the foundation’s charter from 1948, the scholarships are awarded to meritorious students in the trade sector. The success of the studies is demonstrated by the excellent grades of the completed studies and the progress of the studies within the target time – even faster. The recipients of the scholarship have also participated in some way in the activities of their student community in addition to individual achievements. In the present day, individual success is part of the success of the community.

In the  2020 s, being successful can also mean a great and exceptional accumulation of skills during the studies. The Merchant K.P. Ruuskanen Foundation has also wanted to reward students whose level of competence has increased exceptionally during the studies. By rewarding the learning process, it is shown that everyone should strive for learning from their own starting points. The recipients of the Merchant K.P. Ruuskanen Foundation’s Anniversary Scholarship 2023 are:

TAMK: Indiamara Caludino, Paavo Hyörinen and Aigerim Ramazanova

TREDU: Katia Bulavina, Nemo Pajula, Bettina Vainio and Kyösti Åkerlund

Warm congratulations to the grant recipients!

Kalle Ruuskanen
Chairman of the Foundation Board

Niilo Järkäs
Representative of the Foundation